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Welcome to the ADA-compliant version of Arizona Filmworks believes in access for all regardless of capability.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, before the Internet was ubiquitous. It did not specifically offer standards for Americans with disabilities in regard to surfing the Internet. Since that time, many court cases have merely confused the issue. One court ruled that companies with no brick-and-mortar public presence (like Netflix) were under no obligation from the ADA to conform their websites to a standard while other companies with a public presence (Target stores) were required to conform their websites to an unwritten standard. In 2014, the DOJ stated that they were going to publish standards that would help in making websites ADA compliant. In 2018, partly due to a change in administration, the DOJ abandoned their quest to publish standards. As of this time in 2020, most companies want to make their websites as accessible as possible to as many people as possible but there are no clear standards other than using text as much as possible. Text is machine readable for the blind and an effective means of communication for the deaf.

With that explanation, Arizona Filmworks offers this text-based version of our website with the belief that we are reaching the widest possible audience and removing the barriers of communication for those with various abilities.

There are seven pages that make up the Arizona Filmworks website: the home page, the about page, the prices page, the contact us page, the blog page, a photography page and a page describing our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Rather than force people to deal with navigation links, we decided to put all the descriptions and content from the seven pages into this one page to make it as easy as possible for the largest number of people to access the content of this site and gain the benefits offered to anyone.

The next section of the Home Page has a video with no audio. This video plays in a loop. It is a montage of video clips. The video shows someone editing video with a caption, "No Boring Videos!" The next clip shows some people working in an office building and the caption says, "We work hart to make your videos amazing!" The third clip shows a man looking at his phone and smiling. The caption says, "Easy. Fun. Affordable." The fourth clip shows some people working around a table and a lady smiling. The caption says, "We get it." The fifth clip shows the arms and hands of three people discussing a marketing report. The caption says, "We do it right." Finally, there is a clip of an excited young woman smiling and dancing around pointing to the caption that says, "Hollywood, here we come, baby!"

The next section down the home page is titled, "Tell us about your project." It is a form that allows you to send your contact information and a description of your project. There is text explaining the form that says, "We can tell you all about us and how great we are. We can talk about our equipment, talent, intelligence, and 20 years of experience working for companies large and small. You know that video persuades, inspires, educates, and motivates buy decisions better than any other form of communication. You wonder if professional videos will elevate the perceived quality of your brand. You want to know how much this costs. Is it affordable? Will video make more than it costs? Is this hard to do? We write the scripts, do all the planning, shooting, and editing. We know marketing so we can show you the best ways to use your videos on your website, social media, and across ad platforms. One video can cover 10 different platforms. You have decisions to make. Get the information you need to make good decisions. We love talking to people about their ideas, their vision. Let's talk. Fill out this form. Tell us about your idea."

The next section down the page is the About Us section. A tile says, "Best video production company in Phoenix." There is a video montage of clips with the subtitle, "Awesome Affordable Videos." The first clip shows a terrior dog wearing silly glasses next to a disco dance ball. The second clip is of people dancing in a club. The third clip is a woman with a red rain coat and hood smiling while rain pours down. The fourth clip is a DJ in a dark club and the fifth clip is a woman kite boarding in the ocean. All clips are in slow motion for effect. The video ends with a splash page that says, "Arizona Filmworks, We Get It, 480-818-6211 and"

The About Us section continues with text that explains what we are about. "Welcome to our video production company in Phoenix, Arizona! We are a team of experienced filmmakers who are passionate about creating visually stunning and engaging content that has a profound effect on our viewers. Video combines gripping visuals with inspiring music and thoughtful text to create media that captures attention, educates, inspires and motivates a buy-decision.

We are much more than people who can press the record button. From concept development to post-production, we handle every aspect of the video production process to bring your vision to life. We do video production in Phoenix, in Arizona and around the world.

Our services include internal and external promotional videos, TV commercials, OTT commercials, branded content pieces, music videos, and corporate videos.

We also offer motion graphics and 3D animation, as well as sound design and music composition, to create fully immersive and impactful videos that stand out from the competition.

Check out our portfolio to see the range of projects we have worked on and the high-quality results we consistently deliver. Our experience with video production in Phoenix, Arizona is amazing. If you want to take your video marketing to the next level, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We can't wait to help bring your vision to life!"

The next section is Video Portfolio. This section has 12 thumbnails that are clickable and take the viewer to a display page for each video. There are videos we did from Walmart, a kickstarter video, a TV commercial, a promo video, a scary clown video, a drone video, another promo video, a video we did for the non-profit Folds of Honor, a GE training video, another TV commercial, a reel showing some of the professional photography we have done and an example of 3D animation we did.

The next section is a portfolio of professional photography we have done. The pictures include graduation, fashion, portraits, boudoir, food and product photography.

The next section is titled, "A I Production." The caption says, "We use the most advanced A I Technology." More text in this section explains our use of A I. "AI generated text, music, images, and video is exploding. This short promo video was created using several AI platforms. The technology is in its infancy but as AI learns and grows, the videos created will rival CGI in Hollywood films. We are showing this just to make the point that we are involved in the latest, cutting-edge technology. If it is right for a client, we will use it.

We have the same philosophy with cameras, lights, microphones and software. Arizona Filmworks is an advanced video production company in Phoenix." There is also a video showing an A I avatar talking about Arizona Filmworks and how we are on the cutting-edge of technology that makes awesome videos. We created the whole video using A I.

The next section is, "What people say about us. Five-star video production in Phoenix." Some of the testimonials include: “AZF was really great to work with, went above and beyond for every task, and made the process of filming someone across the country during the pandemic as seamless as possible. I highly recommend!” Jared F

“Ken's passion and professionalism are top notch! He takes time to make sure you get the best product available. I would recommend him to be your first call for all of your video productions.” Ward A

“I am amazed at the media Arizona Filmworks is able to create. They do everything from TV commercials to web videos... I wholeheartedly recommend him and Arizona Filmworks.” Ken M

“I have worked with Ken at Arizona Filmworks for years. He is an expert in all phases of video production and photography... I highly recommend Arizona Filmworks.” Kathy H

“I have worked with Arizona Filmworks for over 4 years. Ken is great and always over delivers. I highly recommend his company to anyone looking for video production, and web-development.” John D

The next section lists several awards we have won including "Best video production company - Arizona" by the 2021 Media Innovator Awards. We were also named among the top 15 web design firms in Phoenix.

The next section is our FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. Questions and answers include: "How Much Does a Video Cost? Is Video Worth It? Do You Do TV Commercials? Why Hire a Video Production Company in Phoenix? How Long Does It Take to Make a Video? Do You Help Write Scripts? Does Arizona Filmworks Do Weddings and Event Videos? Do I Own the Rights to My Videos?" Each question is a link to the answers.

The next section is a blog section with many articles that include: "Film Best Video Production in Phoenix, Why Hire a Makeup Artist? Make a Video, How To Market with YouTube, Why Hire a Video Production Company in Phoenix? Web Design and Web Programming, Sales Success Depends on the Right Videos, How to Make the Most Successful Video Ever, Video Production Companies in Phoenix, Arizona Video Production, Video Production in Arizona, and many more."

The last thing on the body of the page is a call to action that says, "Seriously, you scrolled all the way down here and you have not called us? 480-818-6211"

Then a footer has the copyright statement.
The Blog Page

The Blog page has the same Privacy banner and header with logo as the other pages. There is no video on this page. The first section below the header is a list of blog articles. The articles are included here.

List of Blog Articles
• Make a Video
• How to Market with YouTube
• Why Hire a Video Production Company in Phoenix
• Web Design and Web Programming
• Marketing During Corona Virus
• Sales Success Depends on Having the Right Videos
• How to Make the Most Successful Video Ever
• Video Production Phoenix
• Arizona Video Production
• Video Production Companies in Arizona
Make a Video
Some people think you can make a video with a smartphone. You can. Others think you need expensive cameras, lights, and video editing software to make a video. When you hire a film crew to make a video, you are hiring more than equipment. You are hiring expertise with story and cinematic images.

Let’s use a simple testimonial video as an example. Twenty-three years ago, when I started doing video production, I would find a blank wall, stand the victim in front of it and say, “action.” Did the expensive camera record an amazing image? Yes. Did the expensive lights in three-point configuration highlight skin tones and create just the right contrast? Yes. So, why did the whole thing look like a mug shot?

The first rule of making a video: speak visual. Visual images are a language. There is a reason a picture is worth a thousand words. People interpret more from an image than the words spoken or displayed in text. Even with the testimonial, viewers pay more attention to the person and their body language than what they say. Is the testimonial-giver believable? Do I trust him or her? How intelligent is the presenter? Do I trust that this person can even make a reasonable evaluation?

Again, more information is conveyed in the images than in the spoken word or text. Is the person up against a wall? Is the person sitting in an upscale, elegant environment? Wardrobe becomes an important element. Is there an inconsistency with someone who has the wardrobe of a homeless person sitting in an elegant environment? What about the color pallet of the frame? Do the colors compliment or clash? Is a blond-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian woman in a red dress against a yellow wall? Is a beautiful African-American woman in a black dress against a brown or hunter green wall?

Paying attention to what is in front of the camera is the difference between average and art. Speaking visual is how you make a video great.

How to Market with YouTube
Too many businesses are ignoring the second largest search engine on the planet. Look at these YouTube statistics.

• 3.5 billion searches per day are conducted on YouTube
• 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube
• 78% of U.S. male adults use YouTube
• 68% of U.S. female adults use YouTube
• 77% of 15 to 25-year-olds in the U.S. use YouTube
• 77% of 26 to 35-year-olds from the U.S. use YouTube
• 51% of YouTube users say they visit the site daily
• 37% of Millennials aged 18 to 34 are binge-watching YouTube daily

Businesses spend a lot of money and effort promoting their company’s website because they want to be found in the search results. It is equally important to be found in the YouTube search results.

There is a company called, Trotec, that manufactures laser cutters. These machines cut, mark and engrave a wide variety of materials and can be used to do wood engravings, cut parts out of many materials, cut cloth into intricate patterns, etch glass, and do a thousand other things. Trotec started creating videos showing what their machines could make. They currently have 175 videos on their YouTube channel and 22,600 subscribers interested in knowing what can be created. Every time they post a new video, 22,600 people get a notice to watch the new video.

Not only have they built a community of people interested in laser cutters, they dominate the search results for anyone searching related topics. Go to the Search Box on the YouTube page and type in, “laser cutter projects leather.” Trotec is first in the search results.

Why have so many businesses ignored YouTube as an advertising platform? First, it takes some resources to create a video each week. Second, it takes a change in thinking to effectively utilize YouTube. Instead of following the old paradigm of publishing ads that promote a product or service, businesses must view YouTube like any other Social Media platform and answer the question, “What content can I deliver that gives something to my followers, friends or subscribers?”

Trotec does this by offering useful ideas. Instead of posting videos that say, “Hey, look at the features of our laser cutter!” They post videos like, “Today, we are going to show you how to engrave a picture or text on a coffee mug. You can do this, too!”

Creating content that is useful to the community is a mental challenge. Turning that content into a weekly video is a production challenge. Arizona Filmworks meets both challenges. We have experienced scriptwriters who understand messaging, branding, marketing and writing. We meet the mental challenge and show you what to present. Arizona Filmworks meets the production challenge because we have the experience, expertise and equipment to produce awesome videos quickly and easily.

YouTube, with 3.5 billion searches a day, is critical to any marketing effort. Get ahead of your competition. Dominate the search results. Get Arizona Filmworks on your side. Call us before your competition does.

How to Make the Most Successful Video Ever
Measuring success depends on defining a goal. Some people think the most successful video is the one that gets the most views. Others think the most successful video is the one that entertains the most. Still others measure success by the money generated by a video.

If the goal of a video is to attract customers, attention-getting devices might be essential. If the goal is to educate potential customers, a simple, clear, memorable message presented with over-the-top animations might be the most successful.

The process for making the most successful video ever involves the following steps.

1. Define the goal in measurable terms.
2. Define the target market with specific demographics.
3. Decide what will drive sharing.
4. Define the message.
5. Write amazing scripts.
6. Create detailed storyboards.
7. Do all the preproduction tasks like location scouting, casting and hiring crew.
8. Film the amazing script.
9. Create amazing motion graphics and animations.
10. Choose the right music and get licensing.
11. Edit the footage, music and graphics.
12. Post the movie to the right places.
13. Promote the movie.
14. Watch revenue soar.

All of these steps suggest one thing. Hire Arizona Filmworks to partner with you to execute each of these steps in the easiest, most-professional way. Arizona Filmworks will help you define goals and the target market. Arizona Filmworks will help you write the best scripts and storyboards and then take care of all the pre-production, production and post-product tasks so you end up with a video done right.

Sales Success Depends on Having the Right Videos
Bob White was the Director of Marketing for ABC Printing. His job was to find customers and his boss, Mr. Growler, was not happy with Bob. Sales were down. Budgets were being cut. One day, in despair, Bob googled, “how to find more customers, more quickly, and with less cost.” The answer was right there at the top of the organic search results: “Use the second largest search engine in the world.”

Bob started reading. People search for things on YouTube more than any other search engine besides Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube has over 1 billion unique users each month. Eighty million people in the U.S. watch YouTube videos every day. People remember 20% of what they read and 90% of what they see in a video. Videos are shared on Social Media 1200% more than text articles. Mentioning “video” in the subject line of an email gets 13% more views. Companies using video in their marketing generate almost 50% more revenue than companies who don’t. Video on landing pages makes them more “sticky” for SEO purposes and increases conversion rates 80%.

Bob got excited. Videos were going to be the answer. He pulled out his cell phone and started making videos. He cornered Alice Cooperton, pointed his cell phone at her and asked her to list all the cool things about ABC Printing. He found Bert and Earnie down in shipping and “filmed” them talking about shipping orders. He found Jerry Signfold outside sweeping the sidewalk and made a video about how good ABC Printing looks from the outside. When Mr. Growler saw the cell phone videos, he fired Bob and promoted Ashley Atkins to Director of Marketing.

Ashley sat down at her new desk and on the computer saw an article about using video in marketing. She called Arizona Filmworks and talked to an amazing, brilliant, video professional who explained how companies are now relying on video to communicate their marketing messages and generate sales. She invited the amazing, brilliant video professional to a meeting at ABC Printing. They discussed messaging, demographics and outlined a powerful approach for communicating to their target market. They scheduled a day to film several videos including client testimonials, how-to videos and a heartfelt message from the boss, Mr. Growler.

In a matter of weeks, there was so much business, Mr. Growler had to add a second shift. Revenue soared. Ashly Atkins got a big, fat raise.

How to Make the Most Successful Video Ever
Measuring success depends on defining a goal. Some people think the most successful video is the one that gets the most views. Others think the most successful video is the one that entertains the most. Still others measure success by the money generated by a video.

If the goal of a video is to attract customers, attention-getting devices might be essential. If the goal is to educate potential customers, a simple, clear, memorable message presented with over-the-top animations might be the most successful.

The process for making the most successful video ever involves the following steps.

1. Define the goal in measurable terms.
2. Define the target market with specific demographics.
3. Decide what will drive sharing.
4. Define the message.
5. Write amazing scripts.
6. Create detailed storyboards.
7. Do all the preproduction tasks like location scouting, casting and hiring crew.
8. Film the amazing script.
9. Create amazing motion graphics and animations.
10. Choose the right music and get licensing.
11. Edit the footage, music and graphics.
12. Post the movie to the right places.
13. Promote the movie.
14. Watch revenue soar.

All of these steps suggest one thing. Hire Arizona Filmworks to partner with you to execute each of these steps in the easiest, most-professional way. Arizona Filmworks will help you define goals and the target market. Arizona Filmworks will help you write the best scripts and storyboards and then take care of all the pre-production, production and post-product tasks so you end up with a video done right.

Video Production Phoenix
Where do you go to find the best Phoenix video production? Right here. Arizona Filmworks is a premier video production company serving Phoenix and Arizona. Often called one of the best video production companies, Arizona Filmworks offers full video production services that are affordable.

Arizona Filmworks follows the Hollywood production model. Feature films are considered individual projects. The best of the best work as freelancers and contractors and are hired for each feature film. This approach helps keep costs low.

The alternative approach is to build a beautiful studio, stock it with expensive equipment and hire a large staff. The problem with this approach is that the studio sits empty most of the time. Most of the videos we do are on location at someone’s business. The only time we use a big studio is when we are doing chromakey special effects and need a large green screen.

The cost of video equipment has been falling but the best equipment is still tens of thousands of dollars. Again, in the studio approach, most of the equipment (cameras, lights, stands, etc.) sit around collecting dust.

Hiring staff is the other pitfall of the studio approach. It is great to have talented people trained and ready to work on a project. The problem is paying those people in between projects.

The studio approach to video production in Phoenix has the major issue of enormous overhead. A friend of mine who owned a studio, had the equipment and hired the staff told me, “I have to generate $12,000 per month just to pay the overhead before I get paid.” Even when a video is shot on location, the client is paying something toward the overhead.

There is a better approach to Phoenix video production. The Hollywood approach allows Arizona Filmworks to hire the best freelancers and contractors, rent the appropriate studio and rent the best equipment for your project. This means you only pay for what your movie costs. You are not paying for staff sitting idle back at the empty studio.

Doesn’t it make sense to work with smart people who understand business? Call Arizona Filmworks and talk with smart people who want to help you achieve your goals.

Arizona Video Production
Video production in Arizona is very interesting. When cowboy movies and TV shows were popular, Arizona had a thriving industry. Movie sets were built outside of Tucson and used continually. The good guys wore white hats and road white horses. The bad guys always wore black.

The western movie industry in Arizona began to fade as heroes became dark, tortured souls fighting for redemption or revenge. Very few TV shows were set in Phoenix or Tucson because they lacked distinctive characteristics.

In 2010, the Arizona Legislature passed SB 1070 which, according to Wikipedia, was the “broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure passed in the United States.” This ignited a firestorm of protest and drew many boycotts from various industries. Hollywood and most of the film industry boycotted Arizona. Jobs in production went away. About the same time, the Arizona Film Commission was closed for lack of money in the state budget.

A couple of members of the Arizona Legislature fought and won a battle to eliminate tax incentives for productions in Arizona. They claimed that Arizona tax incentives were bringing California porn movies to Arizona. New Mexico still gave liberal tax incentives to production companies filming in New Mexico so business went east.

These events limited video production in Phoenix to TV commercials for local businesses and training videos for local companies. Only now is video production and film production beginning to return. There are scores of extremely talented people trying to make a living in the Arizona video production industry but money is scarce. Only the companies that offer superior service, value and quick response are making it.

Video Production Companies in Arizona
There are many great video production companies in Arizona. One of the best film and video production companies is Arizona Filmworks. Arizona Filmworks is a premier film and video production company. We have done over 100 TV commercials for local and national broadcast. We do Web videos that showcase the amazing businesses here in Phoenix. We do music videos for up and coming bands who want amazing visual effects to showcase their music. We do Kickstarter videos and crowdfunding videos that have targeted messaging that gets results.

We also do professional product photography for all types of products. Some of the most fun we have is doing fashion photography. We also do professional portraits. If it involves a lens, we probably do it.

Why Hire a Video Production Company in Phoenix
Small businesses go through an interesting evolution. Many entrepreneurs start out doing everything by themselves. They do the accounting, marketing, sales, operations and every aspect of business. Then they realize outsourcing the accounting makes sense. A CPA charges a lot for their services but they have expertise that saves money. Most entrepreneurs realize early on that it makes sense to outsource the accounting and finance functions to experts. This frees up quite a bit of time to focus on running the business. Gains in productivity help offset the cost of the CPA. Eventually, the business gets large enough to hire a bookkeeper and then a CPA and the accounting functions are brought in-house.

Hiring a film crew or video production company in Phoenix is similar to outsourcing accounting functions. You want to hire expertise to get the job done right without costly mistakes. Here are the top reasons to hire a video production company or film crew.

We Write Scripts

One reason video production companies are able to do the job right the first time without mistakes is the extensive planning and expertise they have in accomplishing a goal. At Arizona Filmworks we rarely do projects without scripts. I cannot tell you how many times (in the hundreds) a client said, “I don’t need a script. I’ll just wing it.” Or, they say, “our CEO has done a hundred of these presentations. He can stand in front of the camera and wing it.” No, he or she cannot wing it.

Writing a script allows us to sit down with you and ask some hard questions. What do you want to accomplish with this video? What is the message you want to convey? How is this going to fit into the branding of your company? The script allows us to plan the shoot. We know how many locations we will need. We know how many music licenses we need to buy. We can choose a color pallet from the location to make wardrobe complimentary. We can plan the most effective visuals to accomplish the goal.

We Have the Expertise

Video is powerful because it combines motion, music, audio, colors, lighting, tone, mood, text, graphics and the image of the right people into a few moments that educate, motivate, inspire and change perspective. You cripple the power of video if you do not know or pay attention to the details that produce these powerful persuaders. Will you use Rembrandt lighting? Clamshell lighting? Flat lighting? Will wardrobe colors clash with the wall? Will you have a foreground, midground and background or just stand an average looking person with no makeup in front of a plant? Will you shoot in HD, 4K, 6K or 8K? Will you use long, fast lenses? Will you take advantage of shallow depth of field? Will the camera move to add interest? Should the color temperature of the lights be 3,200K or 5,400K?

We Have the Right Equipment

It is more than having a camera. You need to know how to use aperture, ISO and shutter speed to produce effects. You need to know lenses and whether a 50mm f1.8 is better than a 600mm f2.8 for this shot. Should the lights be tungsten, HMI, LED or fluorescent? Is the electrical system at location going to handle the lighting choices? Do we need modifiers to produce certain effects? Will we use colors to affect mood? Will wired lavaliers work or do we need wireless? Will a carotid shotgun mic work with a two or three-person interview? Will a teleprompter help the presenter eliminate “uhms” and “ahhs” and make them seem more intelligent?

For the same reason small and mid-sized companies outsource accounting, they should outsource video production. There is a perspective that says, “I grew up recording videos on my cell phone and uploading them to YouTube. I am an expert in video because I have done it all my short life. I never used a script. I never used lights. I never had to color correct anything and I used iMovie to edit. I have 800 followers on Instagram so, I am an expert and we don’t need a script.” That’s like saying, “I used Quickbooks on a high school bookkeeping assignment so I can make the financial decisions for my company.” No one really needs an MBA, right?

Please hire expertise when and where it will make a difference.

If you need a complete set of digital marketing services that includes stunning photos and awesome videos, check out AZF Web Design.

Marketing During Corona Virus
How are orders to shelter-in-place and self-quarantine effecting small businesses? How should this time of Corona virus affect your advertising, marketing and marketing message? If you are an “essential” business and remain open, how does that effect your advertising message? If your business is shut down, do you stop advertising?

Answers to these questions depend on what type of business you run. For example, during the month of March, there was a severe shortage of toilet paper. Any toilet paper that made it through the supply chain to a store shelf was gone in under five minutes. Yet, throughout the month of March, I saw expensive national ads on TV for Charmin. Really? Did those advertising dollars need to be spent? Obviously, those ads were purchased ahead of time and could not be changed but it created an odd circumstance that illustrates a point. Marketing messages need to be adjusted for the situation.

Businesses that are open need marketing to let people know they are open and serving the community in a time when it might be safer to close and stay home. Important messages would include how their service has adapted to keep people safe. One example would be restaurants describing their curb-side pick-up or home delivery service. Emphasize food prep safety. Present a “we-are-here-to-help” theme. Some businesses are scoring huge branding and Social Media points by legitimately trying to help. “Free pizza to medical personnel.” “We stopped sewing clothing and are creating thousands of face masks in an effort to help supply front-line medical personnel with PPE.”

Businesses that are closed need to use the time to plan. Consider the marketing campaign that will re-launch the business. Is this a good time to revamp the website? Should you add enhanced ordering features to your website? Is this the time to create new content for blogs and PR campaigns? Will you be able to advertise new sales and offers upon launch? “Grand Re-Opening Sale!” Is this the time to do a dozen YouTube videos for release over the first 12 weeks back in business? Is relaunch the time for TV ads to make sure the most people know about your business in the shortest amount of time?

Whether you are in the throes of business now or making plans for relaunch, your advertising and marketing is more critical now than ever before. Use this time to refine your message and get it out to the people who need to see it.

Web Design and Web Programming
There is a new trend among video production companies in Phoenix, Arizona and all across the country. The new trend is for video production companies to become website design and programming companies. In the past, video production companies were generally hired to create one video at a time for a business. This created a feast or famine situation. As digital marketing became the focus of all advertising and marketing, videos were secondary to the website and various campaigns.

The new trend is for video production companies to become website design and programming companies. Web design companies usually charge a monthly fee for creating and maintaining a website for a business. These services include hosting and domain registration as well as a suite of SEO strategies designed to get the company to the first page of Google. Additionally, the video production company may also offer digital marketing services like managing PPC campaigns, social media campaigns and content marketing.

When pitching digital marketing services, the video production company says, "and, oh, by the way, we can do awesome videos and photos for your website." Clearly, video content is a critical and essential part of any SEO strategy. If you are not managing a YouTube channel for your business, you are ignoring the second largest search engine on the planet and the leads that go with it.

All of this means the video-production-company-turned-digital-marketer can offer digital marketing on a subscription basis. No more feast and famine. Reoccurring revenue every month means income that can be counted on. Offering comprehensive digital marketing services also means building in the cost of two or three or four videos per month to go on the website and YouTube Channel.

Arizona Filmworks offers Web design and Web programming services and a full suite of digital marketing services: AZF Internet Marketing Service or, AZF Web Design

You get:

• Digital marketing expertise
• Superior branding
• Brilliant messaging
• A modern website
• A responsive website
• A custom website (not a WordPress template)
• Stunning video to engage your visitors
• Professional photography to enhance your brand
• Maximized SEO on-page and off-page
• Viral Social Media
• The right campaigns, ads and PR

You get leads and sales and cash flow.

If you need a complete set of digital marketing services that includes stunning photos and awesome videos, check out AZF Web Design.

The FAQ Page
How much does a video cost?

We start at $1,000 and go up for doing pre-production (writing scripts and planning), production (filming and recording audio) and post-production (editing and motion graphics). To be honest, most videos cost more. If you want a video of you talking about your business and adding in some B-roll that shows your business, we can probably do that for $1,000.

Then we start talking about additional services that you might really want. For example, you may want to look your best in the video and we do that by bringing a phenomenal hair and makeup stylist. If we are shooting in a studio (like for green screen chroma-key effects), there is a studio fee. If we are shooting on location in your business, there is no studio fee. If we are shooting in a public place in Scottsdale, the City of Scottsdale requires us to pull a $175 permit to film.

You can see that there are many variables that go into productions. We understand that budgets are tight and we show you ways to save money.

Is video worth it?

We look at the Return On Investment (ROI) for videos. If putting a professional video or series of videos on your website, Instagram, Facebook page and YouTube channel increases your sales by $5,000, would you spend $2,500 to make the video? All day long.

ROI is difficult to calculate because so many factors go into it. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just one factor that increases ROI but is hard to calculate. If you are trying to get your website to rank well in Google organic search, one of the factors Google tracks is how long a visitor stays on your site. Let's imagine Google gives 108,000 results for "dentist in Phoenix." Let's imagine a Google searcher clicks a link, sees that the site is not what they want and clicks back to the results in three seconds. Now imagine the Google searchers stays on the site 30 seconds. Google believes the longer a person stays on a site, the more relevant the results were that Google provided. Videos on a site keep visitors engaged longer. Therefore, a good video increases SEO.

Video are multidimensional. Videos combine music, text, people, images, motion graphics, and more. These elements are much more effective at moving people emotionally than text or printed ads. Moving people emotionally increases the conversion rate which means your website gets better at generating buy decisions from visitors.

Do you do TV commercials?

Arizona Filmworks has done over 100 TV commercials for local and national broadcast. We have exceptional partners in the media world that can get us phenomenal rates on ad buys. For example, some businesses do not need to advertise all over the Phoenix metro area. A dentist in Mesa is probably not going to draw clients from Surprise. Why pay to advertise all over the valley when we can save a ton of money by only advertising near Mesa?

We have all kinds of ways to save money on TV advertising from very inexpensive production to very inexpensive ad buys. We also understand digital advertising and how to target your best customer demographic with digital ads.

Why hire a video production company?

Some people take great videos and photos with their smartphones. They wonder why anyone would spend money to hire a film crew when they do such a great job with their cell phone. The answer is expertise.

We know messaging. We can help you refine your message for your target demographic. We know a secret about video production. The camera only records what you put in front of it. We are experts in creating the environment in front of the camera. Then, our expertise continues into post production. We know how to edit effectively. We know how to combine visuals with music and motion graphics to create a phenomenal video. No matter how good you photo or video from your smartphone is, I can make it better.

Think of it as an exercise in specialization. I can build a house. I have done it. I can do plumbing and roofing and drywall and run wires. The problem is, people who do those things all the time can do them 100 times better than me. Can you shoot video and record audio and make a Tik Tok video? Sure. But I can do it better. When you want a job done right, you hire people who do it right for a living.

How long does it take to make a video?

Generally, it takes about two weeks to make a video. The first week is pre-production. We discuss your vision for the video. We help write a script or create a storyboard so everyone is in agreement on what the final video will look like and say. We feel so strongly about this step, we make it free. Scriptwriting and pre-production is included in our fee. Once we know what we are doing and where, we schedule the shoot. Shoots are typically a half day or full day.

Once we have all the video and audio recorded, we move into the edit bay and put the show together. This usually takes three to five days. So, the first week is spent in scripting and planning. The shoot is on the first day of the second week. This could be a Saturday or Sunday or the middle of the night. The rest of the second week is spent editing.

Do you help write scripts?

Yes, we definitely like to help our clients write scripts. Not only do we come to understand the messaging, we can offer ways of doing things that save money. Part of writing scripts is planning and we are big on planning. Planning saves money by making everything go silky smooth on the day of shooting.

Does Arizona Filmworks do weddings and event videos?

No, Arizona Filmworks does not do event videography which includes weddings and filming recitals, business conferences and other events. There are three categories of film production. First, there are script-based productions which include narrative feature-film productions and most corporate, commercial work. This includes the corporate interview that might not have a script but it is still in the style of script-based productions. Second, there is the ENG, news gathering style of production where the crazy cameraperson runs into the middle of a riot to "get the shot." Third, there is event production where you set up cameras, hit record and film an entire event.

Arizona Filmworks focuses on script-based productions because our expertise is in presenting the best possible message using video. Filming a wedding correctly requires a minimum of three long-play cameras and three camerapersons. It is a different set of equipment with a different expertise than we use in script-based productions.

Do I own the rights to my video?

Yes, you own the rights to all the media we create for you including the raw footage. The law generally recognizes that the creator of audio and visual media owns the copyrights for what they create. In a creation for hire scenario, you are paying to have media created and therefore you own the media.

Is Arizona Filmworks insured?

Yes, Arizona Filmworks carries video production insurance to make sure equipment and people are covered. This is one of the characteristics that differentiates a real production company from the one-person hopeful.

The Drone Page

Arizona Filmworks Partners with Wildtype Drones

Wildtype Drones is a company founded by Joshua Locsin in 2016 that is focused on showcasing the talents of extreme and motor sports athletes with first-person view (FPV) drones. Joshua is recognized as the 9th fastest pilot in the world, per MultiGP, and has worked with athletes stemming from BMX, mountain biking, skateboarding, and drifting. He holds and maintains his FAA Part 107 certification and has a perfect safety track record by utilizing safe aviation practices and good high-risk assessment practices.

When Arizona Filmworks needs the best in extreme sports filming, extreme sports videography in Arizona, aerial photography in Phoenix, or drone services in Phoenix, we call Wildtype Drones. They are an integral part of our film crew whenever the project calls for amazing drone videos.

Ira Hughes is the Director of Sales and Media Relations. You can reach them at Check out the Wildtype Drones' website: Wildtype Drones

The Animation Page

3D Animation Phoenix
Arizona Filmworks does extensive 3D animation. We have 3D animators in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a good example of amazing artistic talent combined with expertise in technology to produce phenomenal virtual environments and all types of 3D animation.

This video is one of the many, many 3D projects we have done. You can see examples of waves in the water as well as 3D objects. In this age of pandemic, Skills in creating realistic virtual environments can place people in settings that would be prohibited under pandemic protocols. Using virtual sets and green screen chroma-key technology we can shoot live video with subjects and create that "on-location look."

Here at Arizona Filmworks, do Web videos, TV commercials, music videos, Kickstarter videos, training videos, documentaries, product photography, fashion photography, print media (brochures, business cards, mailers), and Web design and programming. All of this can be augmented with virtual reality using our 3D animation skills.

The Privacy and Terms of Use Page

The Privacy and Terms of Use Page has the same header with logo and navigation section. There is no video on this page. There is a very long explanation of how we could possibly use cookies and data to improve the user experience. There is also a Terms of Use section. The content of of this page is included here.

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The point of our website is summed up in the statement that Arizona Filmworks is a professional video production company in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the metro area. If we can assist you in making great video, we would love to talk or communicate through email.

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