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Why Hire a Makeup Artist?

Many people think you hire a film crew because they have better cameras and equipment and therefore can produce better-looking movies. Professionals make better-looking movies because we know a secret. We know that a camera only records what is in front of it. You can have the best, most expensive camera in the world but if you put average-looking lighting and subjects in front of the camera, you get average looking movies.

Most people take photos and record videos using average lighting. Usually, it is available light in a room. This means overhead fluorescent lights that give everything a green cast. Raccoon eyes is another consequence of overhead lighting. Some people will place a bright light in front of the subject which makes things worse.

The reason a professional film crew can make photos and videos look amazing is because we know how to make whatever is in front of the camera look amazing. One thing a professional film crew will do is create depth by making the subject the brightest thing in the picture. Knowing how to control depth-of-field makes the subject in focus while the background is softly blurred. Color pallet is another factor. A subject with black hair, wearing a tan dress, standing in front of a beige wall looks terrible. There is no color contrast. The only thing worse is a blonde subject standing in front of a beige wall. Then the colors actually begin to clash.

How to Create Amazing Videos in Phoenix, Arizona?

The single most important factor in creating awesome movies and videos is hiring a professional makeup artist. Note the picture at the top of this blog. The picture on the left looks like a real person. This is how we look in real life. The picture on the right is how we can look if we hire a makeup artist who knows her or his craft. The picture on the left is of a beautiful young lady, no doubt, but she looks average because this is how average people look. Her picture on the right looks amazing. Even a low-quality camera can take amazing pictures of people with the right makeup.

Paying attention to what is in front of the camera is the difference between average and art. Speaking visual is how you make a video great.

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Stylists We Recommend

AZF Picture of freelancer

Michelle Bengtson
Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

Michelle is a Montana native with extensive creative interests and skills; Hair and makeup artist, stylist, model, singer/performer (aka Paige Danner) and mixed media artist.

She brings that passion for beauty and creativity to everything she does. Michelle thrives working with other artists and in creative environments. She specializes in enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and creating fresh, natural, timeless looks.

Based in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area she has over 18 years worth of experience in film, video, print, corporate events, fashion, special events. Michelle has also worked with an impressive list of celebrity clientele.

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AZF Picture of freelancer

Ashlee Miller
Professional Hair and Makeup

Born and raised in Arizona, Ashlee Miller has been in the beauty makeup industry for 14 years. She loves makeup and marketing; with her entrepreneurial spirit, she launched Ashlee Miller Artistry in 2010. In early 2016, she opened up a bridal boutique and salon with her business partner, Amber Lane. Together, these two created Something Beautiful Bridal Boutique and Salon, located in Old Town Scottsdale.

Ashlee calls herself a Mompreneur. She is a proud single mommy of 3 amazing boys who absolutely rock her world. When she is not “Mommin,” she fills her spare time with her passion in the world of beauty and makeup. This extroverted introvert is an avid member of the Womens Elite Club, Valley of the Sun Active 20/30 club and the Valley Kids Foundation - an organization that sponsors several volunteer hands-on events designed to provide reinforcement and encouragement to children in our community.

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AZF Picture of freelancer

Heather Wilson
Professional Hair and Makeup

Celebrity makeup artist Heather Wilson is an expert in the makeup industry. Specializing in HD Makeup for Print, Television, Beauty, Corporate, Weddings and Private Lessons. She has been working professionally in the industry, and traveling the world for over 15 years. She also does Male Grooming and hair for photos and video.

Heather's client list includes: The MLB, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox Sports, Procter and Gamble, Nike, WNBA, GoDaddy, Sheraton, Hilton Honors, Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Billboard Magazine, 48 Hours, Force Racing Team, Footjoy, Japanese Airlines and New York Fashion Week.

Heather also has a team of makeup artist and hair stylists that work with her, so if you are needing makeup for just one person, or a large group, we can help!

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