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Web Design and Web Programming
Web Design and Web Programming

Web Design and Web Programming

There is a new trend among video production companies in Phoenix, Arizona and all across the country. The new trend is for video production companies to become website design and programming companies. In the past, video production companies were generally hired to create one video at a time for a business. This created a feast or famine situation. As digital marketing became the focus of all advertising and marketing, videos were secondary to the website and various campaigns.

The new trend is for video production companies to become website design and programming companies. Web design companies usually charge a monthly fee for creating and maintaining a website for a business. These services include hosting and domain registration as well as a suite of SEO strategies designed to get the company to the first page of Google. Additionally, the video production company may also offer digital marketing services like managing PPC campaigns, social media campaigns and content marketing.

When pitching digital marketing services, the video production company says, "and, oh, by the way, we can do awesome videos and photos for your website." Clearly, video content is a critical and essential part of any SEO strategy. If you are not managing a YouTube channel for your business, you are ignoring the second largest search engine on the planet and the leads that go with it.

All of this means the video-production-company-turned-digital-marketer can offer digital marketing on a subscription basis. No more feast and famine. Reoccurring revenue every month means income that can be counted on. Offering comprehensive digital marketing services also means building in the cost of two or three or four videos per month to go on the website and YouTube Channel.

Arizona Filmworks offers Web design and Web programming services and a full suite of digital marketing services: AZF Digital Marketing.

You get:

• Digital marketing expertise
• Superior branding
• Brilliant messaging
• A modern website
• A responsive website
• A custom website (not a WordPress template)
• Stunning video to engage your visitors
• Professional photography to enhance your brand
• Maximized SEO on-page and off-page
• Viral Social Media
• The right campaigns, ads and PR

You get leads and sales and cash flow.

If you need a complete set of digital marketing services that includes stunning photos and awesome videos, check out AZF Digital Marketing.

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