Arizona Filmworks - Media that Makes a Difference
Arizona Filmworks - Media that Makes a Difference
Arizona Filmworks - Media that Makes a Difference
Media that Makes a Difference
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Arizona Filmworks is a professional video production and marketing media company that creates exceptional print, Web, and broadcast-quality media for clients locally and globally.

Our first major differentiator is that we understand the "language of visual arts." We understand the power of words, images and music to capture attention, educate, persuade and entertain. With this expertise, we create effective, engaging media that translates directly to conversion rates and buy decisions.

Our second major differentiator is our understanding of business. We have been helping small, medium and large companies achieve their marketing goals since 2011. We know the power of video for increasing SEO and getting shared on social media.

Our third major differentiator is our chosen business model. See more about this below in, "Prices." These differentiators give us clear advantages over our competition and allow us to deliver the highest quality media at the lowest price. This makes Arizona Filmworks the smart choice for any business, large or small.



Imagine a studio paying $10,000/month for rent, insurance, utilities and staff. That's over $430 per day for overhead. Who pays for that overhead?

Arizona Filmworks has a smart business model. We imitate big movie projects. We assemble the right team, the right equipment and the right location for your specific project. This saves you money and gives you the best product. If we need to shoot in a studio, we have over a dozen options. If we need a team of two, five, or ten, we hire the best and you do not have to pay for employees left at the office. If we shoot on location, you do not get charged for studio overhead. We save you money while giving you superior quality.

A 30-second TV commercial starts around $1,200 but I have done them for as little as $600. We also know how to air your ads affordably. One recent bid was for 53 TV commercials per month reaching 110,000 targeted households within five miles of the business. This reach cost $3,000 per month or 37 cents per view.

Web videos can be as low as $495. Music and training videos start at $1,200. Photography is generally billed at $80/hour.

We know how to save you money. A client recently hired us to do a very complex video with a huge cast and crew. The costs approached $5,000 for one video. We suggested doing more videos on the same day since the crew and equipment were already there. The client ended up with the complex video plus 7 additional movies. Cost per video dropped significantly.

We love talking about video projects and saving you money. We are easy to work with, fast and affordable. Call us today and let’s talk about your project. Let’s talk about how a small investment in your project is going to generate big increases in your revenue.

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